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Early Childhood

PreK3 – Kindergarten

Children’s explorations take on multiple dimensions as they investigate the world through the lens of their unique personalities and abilities. Every child acquires knowledge through interactions with parents, peers, and educators. At St. Philip’s, teachers listen carefully to children’s observations, then collaborate in classroom teams to interpret, capture, and share these ideas. 

Early childhood education at St. Philip’s strives to engage students through a variety of learning modalities. We are intentional about integrating visual, kinesthetic, and tactile learning. Teachers’ creativity inspires children to observe, construct, and learn about the world around them, while laying the groundwork for personal responsibility and formal education.

In addition to building academic fundamentals, our early childhood curriculum centers on social and emotional development. Children begin establishing a vocabulary to discuss their feelings and deepen their understanding of appropriate interactions with both peers and adults.

Early Childhood Events