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Fine Arts

Art & Music

The Arts play a vital role in education and learning. The Arts introduce students to ways of thinking that are based on imagination and perspective. Students create and perform in a safe, nurturing environment in which all young artists may experience success. All students participate in both art and music classes from PreK3 - 5th grade. 

Visual Art

In the visual arts curriculum, students are given the opportunity to experience and explore a wide variety of media, styles, and artistic techniques. The basic knowledge and application of art elements and principles of design are an important part of the art curriculum. Students use their knowledge of elements and design principles to share their own unique perspectives. The Visual Arts are integrated into other subject areas and enrich student learning across grade levels.

The core elements of the St. Philip’s art program are:

  • Explore the great art, artists, and cultures of the world
  • Develop skills to understand and appreciate the artwork
  • Develop knowledge of the elements and principles of visual art
  • Create unique artwork building on understanding and skills


The music program at St. Philip’s aims to enrich the lives of its students through bi-weekly instruction with a focus on music appreciation and participation. The St. Philip’s music program introduces children to the beauty of composed sound, encouraging exploration and culminating in performances that put lessons into practice.  In addition, technology, history, theory, and culture are woven through the music curriculum. Students showcase their skills and talents at Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day, the Christmas program, the Spring Musical, and end-of-year performances and recitals. These music classes also lay the foundation for violin and chorister courses later in students’ St. Philip’s experiences.


St. Philip’s students in Kindergarten through 5th grade participate in the School’s violin program. In addition to creating an awareness and appre­ciation of music through hands-on study of the violin, the lessons assist children developmentally as they hone their fine motor skills, organization, left-to-right eye movement, and listening skills. Students may either purchase or rent an appropriately-sized violin. For rental opportunities, please click here. The curricu­lum teaches the fundamentals of music theory and ear training. As skills advance, so do the repertoire and level of performance. Violin students improve their ability to focus and gain a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence through their progress.

Chorister Program

Students in 3rd through 5th grades participate in our Royal School of Church Music Chorister Program.  Through this program, students enjoy making music together while increasing their knowledge of musical notation, building music skills they can apply to any instrument. Singing together develops teamwork skills, and through working together they build self-confidence and develop pride in their musicianship. Students learn about music in many musical styles, including classical, jazz, pop, Broadway, and folk music, including music from all parts of the world. Students also learn the theology behind the music, reinforcing what they are learning in Sacred Studies and in Wednesday Chapel services.