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Our Values

Since its beginning in 1953, St. Philip’s has been committed to the education of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. St. Philip’s provides an excellent educational experience, guided by outstanding professionals, in a safe, caring community. As a faith-based school, St. Philip’s provides a strong academic program grounded in the broad and inclusive values, traditions, and tenets of the Episcopal Church. The Christian ethos is fully integrated into the School’s practices and daily life through chapel services, Sacred Studies, and community service and outreach programs. Embedded in the culture of the School are clearly defined standards of loving and responsible behavior. These standards are reinforced in themes explored in Chapel and Sacred Studies, and throughout the curriculum.

Core Values

St. Philip’s Episcopal School is the educational outreach arm of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, and the ministries of the School and Parish are united in spirit and purpose. Our core values are grounded in our faith and encourage our students to be inquisitive, take risks, and learn to lead by example. St. Philip’s program stresses intellectual and physical development, social involvement and accountability, and moral and spiritual understanding in a God-centered community where the dignity and worth of every member is nurtured. Our core values guide us to exemplify:

Courage– We believe that courage paves the way for learning.  Learning is a journey filled with vulnerability, risk taking and curiosity. Our students often begin their formal educational journey with us and we launch them as brave, life-long learners who are prepared to change the world.

Excellence- As a community, we strive to do our best in achieving every aspect of our mission. We seek to capitalize on our success, learn and grow from our mistakes and trust that the God who made and loves us will strengthen us for the journey we share.

Curiosity– We seek to nurture the hearts and minds of children to know and to learn, but above all, to wonder. Wonder sparks both imagination and  creativity. To wonder about the future, to explore new methods and innovations, and to live in expectation that the new or unknown is not to be feared but embraced.

Stewardship– We hope to instill in our students and families the recognition that they are stewards of time, talent, and treasure. As a community we seek to foster a generous response to all that we have been given, for how we care for each other and the world around us, and to prepare St. Philip’s for future generations. 

Joy– In the Episcopal tradition we both pursue and celebrate joy.  Our faith in God propels this pursuit as we willingly give the best of ourselves to meet the challenges of each moment. Joy should not be confused with happiness, which is fleeting. Joy sustains us through our lives.

Our Philosophy