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Meet Mrs. Blanca
School Chaplain


As a faith-based school, St. Philip’s provides a strong academic program grounded in the broad and inclusive values, traditions and tenets of the Episcopal Church. Our core beliefs are rooted in the Scripture of the Old and New Testament, along with the Sacraments, particularly Holy Communion and Baptism. These values are explored through bi-weekly chapel services, Sacred Studies class, and an ongoing commitment to community service.


Students at St. Philip’s worship together in our church two times a week. On Mondays, the children participate in a fifteen minute morning prayer service and Wednesday is a full Eucharistic service. Families are welcome and encouraged to join the students in all of our services.

Sacred Studies

As part of the educational experience, St. Philip’s offers a Sacred Studies curriculum for PreK3 through 5th Grade. Once a week each grade has time to learn and talk about our Christian faith. For PreK3 through Kindergarten the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ are presented through activities and Jesus’ stories. Students in 1st and 2nd grades learn about the Sacraments and Holy Scripture through a variety of lesson plans, including Godly Play. In 3rd grade, students receive a Bible to learn about the books in the Bible and age-appropriate scripture. In 4th and 5th grade, students continue to go deeper into the Bible and Jesus’ teaching.  

The overarching theme for the Sacred Studies program is that God loves us, and we learn how to show that love to ourselves and others through the teachings of Jesus. As our students mature, Sacred Studies encourages them to grow in faith and deepen their understanding of, and commitment to, Episcopal values. Most of all, at St. Philip’s we promote and cultivate the virtues of kindness, empathy, and compassion, treating all persons with dignity and respect.

Community Service


Like the Church, St. Philip’s Episcopal School believes that all children should be engaged in their communities and learn why it is important to help others. This learning should take place both inside and outside the classroom. Through service to the community, students learn empathy and compassion first hand and discover that they have the power to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Students engage in community service in a variety of ways throughout their years at St. Philip’s. Service opportunities may include donations to local food banks and book drives or participation in charity fundraisers. Older students may also serve the school community as worship leaders during chapel services. 3rd through 5th grade students have a community service requirement under the John H. Dickason Community Service Project. St. Philip’s offers outreach opportunities in service of ministries we support, though credit is not limited to these opportunities.  Families are encouraged to involve their children in service opportunities wherever they may find them.