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St. Philip’s is committed to caring for the physical wellness of our students. Wellness at St. Philip’s encompasses nutrition, physical education, and mindfulness. Parents are invited to support the School in these goals through involvement in the SHA Wellness Committee.


St. Philip’s provides a full-service snack and lunch program for all of its students. This program is developed and directed by Flik Independent School dining. Flick is committed to delivering quality food services and pride themselves on providing fresh meals that support local and sustainable agricultural practices.  Flik's made-from- scratch menu items are designed to help every school community work toward Nourishing a Brighter Future.

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St. Philip’s Episcopal School is an allergy aware campus.  Allergy action plans are coordinated by the school nurse in conjunction with families and their doctors for each student with an allergy. Where necessary, signs are posted to alert students, faculty, staff, and visitors to known allergens in a particular classroom. The nurse meets with the kitchen staff on a regular basis to ensure that all meals take students with food allergies into account. The nurse also works closely with the faculty and staff to develop a cohesive approach to allergy management including the proper emergency use of an Epi-pen. For more information about allergy awareness at St. Philip’s please contact our nurse, Stephanie Begert.


As part of our commitment to supporting your child as a whole person, St. Philip’s incorporates mindfulness practices into the school day across the grade levels. These practices are designed to help children manage stress and become more emotionally resilient.

Get Involved: SHA Wellness Committee

The St. Philip’s School Home Association has a group of parents supported by the school nurse who are committed to encouraging health and wellness in our community. This group meets monthly to plan, create, and brainstorm ways to educate our children, families, and the entire community on creating a healthier and happier tomorrow. Contact our school nurse, Stephanie, at in order to get involved!

Physical Education

All classes from Kindergarten through 5th Grade have organized Physical Education (P.E.) classes four days a week. PreK3 and PreK4 have organized P.E. twice a week and outdoor free play several times daily. P. E. includes a fun and imaginative array of games and competitions that develop gross motor skills, challenge each child’s athletic abilities, and promote sportsmanship. Through P.E., all students participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.